THE C Banger 14mm Blender Slurper Quartz Banger

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Elevate your concentrate experience with the Blender Slurper Combo Set from Dank Banger, and indulge in the ultimate dabbing pleasure. This all-inclusive set includes a 14mm male quartz slurper-style banger, a stylish flower marble carb cap, a precision-engineered terp pearl, and a finely crafted pillar – all meticulously fashioned from robust borosilicate glass.

Beneath the banger's lower bowl lies a cyclone disk, ingeniously designed to function as a vapor blender, ensuring your concentrates are fully and efficiently vaporized. This exceptional banger, meticulously crafted from top-tier quartz, guarantees impeccably smooth, low-temperature dabs while accommodating substantial amounts of your chosen product.

With a generous 20mm top bowl and a spacious 25mm bottom bowl, the banger offers ample room for an enhanced dabbing experience. The signature Dank Banger logo is elegantly etched onto the banger's front, adding a touch of sophistication.

Choose from a variety of colors for the carb cap, pearl, and pillar, allowing you to harmonize your setup with your personal style or preferences. Upgrade your collection today and savor every precious dab with the precision and elegance of the Blender Slurper Combo Set by Dank Banger.