PUFFCO PEAK Electric dab rig,Smart Erig

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Discover the Future of Concentrated Vaporization with Puffco Peak!

Puffco's commitment to innovation knows no bounds, and their latest creation, the Puffco Peak, truly stands at the pinnacle of groundbreaking technology.

The Smart Rig Revolution

The Puffco Peak is not just a rig; it's a smart rig that effortlessly handles every aspect of your dabbing experience. From start to finish, this desktop carburetor takes care of it all. While it may not quite match your intellect, it's closer to your preferences than you'd imagine.

Unmatched Efficiency and Speed

Charging the Peak's battery to full capacity takes merely two hours, and it heats up in a mere 20 seconds, thanks to its four straightforward heating settings. The result? A potent and flavorful dabbing experience that maximizes the potency and essence of your concentrate.

Simplicity in Design, Excellence in Performance

The Puffco Peak comprises just two components: a glass bubbler and a base. This minimalist design not only ensures effortless cleaning but also makes it incredibly convenient to carry. The rugged silicone base adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that your glass remains safe and sound.

The Future of Concentrated Vaporization

If you're in search of a rig that harnesses the most advanced technology in concentrated vaporization, the Puffco Peak is your perfect companion. Experience the future of dabbing today with the Puffco Peak!