IMAGMA E Dab Rig,Drink Smoke Vaporizer

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Introducing the Imagma Electric Dab Rig: Redefining the Art of Dabbing and Vaporization

The Imagma Electric Dab Rig is not just a cannabis consumption device; it's a revolutionary approach to enjoying your favorite herbs. This innovative device offers a fresh take on smoking, introducing a novel "drink smoke" mode that sets it apart from traditional smoking methods.

A Unique Way to Savor

Imagma allows you to experience cannabis in a whole new way. Instead of the conventional smoking process, it employs a cutting-edge "drink smoke" mode. When it's time to create clouds of vapor, simply remove the glass component and dry toke, making it perfect for gatherings with friends – a novel twist on the classic toasting tradition.

Inspired by Nature

The exterior design of the Imagma Electric Dab Rig is inspired by the raw power and beauty of a volcanic eruption. Its striking appearance not only catches the eye but also reflects the intensity of the experience it offers. When in operation, mesmerizing LED lights alternate, creating a visual spectacle to complement your sessions.

Versatile Compatibility

Imagma is tailored to cater to both cannabis concentrate enthusiasts and CBD oil aficionados. Its vaporizer accessories are compatible with standard 510-threaded cartridges, ensuring you can enjoy a wide range of options.

For the Enthusiasts

Imagma is designed for those who truly appreciate the art of cannabis consumption. It's the ideal choice for cannabis concentrate enthusiasts and frequent gatherers who seek a unique and memorable way to enjoy their herbs.

In Summary

The Imagma Electric Dab Rig is more than just a device; it's a statement of innovation and sophistication in cannabis consumption. With its "drink smoke" mode, captivating design, and versatile compatibility, it offers a fresh perspective for those who seek an extraordinary experience.

Choose Imagma – Where Tradition Meets Innovation for an Unforgettable Cannabis Experience.

Package includes:

  • 1* I-Magma Base
  • 1*Glassware
  • 2* Wax Atomizer
  • 2* Magnetic rings
  • 1*Type-C Cable
  • 1*User Manual
  • 1*Gift Box