IECIGBEST BB-banger Nectar collector,Quartz nail

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Color: blue
尺寸: 10mm

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Unleash Your Concentrate Experience with Versatility

The bb-banger Nectar Collector Kit is a comprehensive toolset designed for the concentrate connoisseur. This kit includes multiple essential tools, ready for assembly and use. Inside the kit, you'll find the nectar collector body, a quartz nail, assembly clips, a cleaning brush, and a silicone container for storing your precious cannabis concentrates. It's an affordable and portable solution that offers both traditional and innovative concentrate collection methods, with 10mm and 14mm size options available.

Key Features:

  • Complete Toolset: The bb-banger kit includes everything you need for a versatile concentrate experience.

  • Affordable and Portable: Enjoy the benefits of a traditional nectar collector with the convenience of easy portability.

  • Two Size Options: Choose between the 10mm and 14mm versions to suit your preference.

  • Water Filtration: For enhanced filtration, add water to the nectar collector to ensure a smoother and purer inhale.

  • Quartz Nail Heating: Heat the quartz nail with a torch and immerse it into your concentrate for a clean and flavorful hit.


The bb-banger Nectar Collector Kit is your gateway to the world of cannabis concentrates. Assemble the tools, add water for filtration, heat the quartz nail, and dive into your favorite concentrates for an exquisite experience.

Unlock the full potential of your concentrates with bb-banger – where versatility meets affordability.