The best vaporizer for 2021

I am actually a senior DAB RIG user, so I have different experience with some vaporizers on the market. Currently, the mainstream is intelligent integrated, so it is much more convenient for the traditional spray gun-burned glass evaporator.
The process aspect is also done with one click.
So for intelligent evaporator, there are many advantages, different brands of intelligent evaporator has a variety of problems.
Of course, one of the best is Puffco, which is a relatively famous local brand.
But to be honest, the evaporator is a fast selling product, it really feels a little expensive.
For a better experience, Xiaobian bought Puffco Peak and Pro and used them for a while.
By chance, I went to China in 2020, before the world had a pandemic.
I went to Shenzhen to shop for the smart vaporizer they made, and I was astounded by the range of models available.
We purchased a technology company of the IecigBest brand, which not only exported to the United States, but also Europe and North America.
We see their new product Tobor, which is not yet available, and a product that will be released in mid-2021.

I decided to work with them after I had that experience.
Tobor's wholesale price is a third of that of Puffco Peak Pro.
4000mAh battery capacity, and a lot of smoke.
The overall quality is very high.
So I came back later.
They've been waiting for their product to come out.
I did not disappoint. I bought some of them and they were very cheap.
Some people might say, you're advertising, you're advertising for others.
In fact, my purpose is very simple, use the least money, buy high quality products.
To serve more Americans.
Whether you're an individual buyer or a business buyer.
You can go to IecigBest.
Their brand website:
Official online store:

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