K-Banger Terp Pearls Quartz Banger

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This is the ultimate dabbing nail set up for the true dabbing enthusiast. This combo includes a 25mm flat top quartz banger nail with a thick bottom, a perfectly fitting cyclone carb cap, and two terp pearls. As you inhale through your rig the unique designed carb cap will spin the terp pearls inside the banger pushing around your wax to increase surface area and heat retention. This unique function ensures none of your concentrates are wasted and everything is vaporized for maximum vapor production. This is a 14mm male quartz banger and fits 14mm female joints. Banger will vary is size, but will be compatible with the carb cap and pearls.  Terps pearls - or dab pearls increase heat retention to promote low temp dabbing.

Includes Flat Top Quartz Banger

Includes Two Terp Pearls

Includes Cyclone Carb Cap or Large Bubble style depending on availability

Style of the Banger may vary, but will still be compatible.  Clear or opaque base will vary.