IECIGBEST Bazoka 3 in1 portable dab erig Butane Torch Wax vaporizer Integrated Equipment

$79.99 $99.99
  • [Appearance Design]: All metal shell design, effective heat-resistant edge, can be operated with one hand, and feel very comfortable.
  • [Long lifespan Can be Replaced]: Ignition mechanism can be used 2w times, Ignition mechanism can be replaced.
  • [Butane Replenishment]: It can be used for about 100 times when it is filled with fuel once. It can replenish butane fuel. The universal fuel injection valve is compatible with most butane on the market. Due to mailing regulations, butane is not loaded.
  • [Strong Flame Heating Fast]: super firepower, four flame injection ports, blue flame butane torch, when the fuel is sufficient, heating for 3s~5s can be used.
  • [Note]: The flame temperature is high, do not heat it for a long time. During use and after use, please do not touch the pot directly with your hands to avoid burns.
tobor bozaka dab rig

tobor bozaka dab rigtobor bozaka dab rigtobor bozaka dab rig